Dome Country
Calling all Space Cadets...
Dome Country callin'...Captain and the crew here...We are a small cluster of domes located north of Toronto, south of Barrie near Lake Simcoe, in the county of Simcoe on County Rd 54.

During the course of a year, we play host to many functions...concerts, tours, Corporate barbeques and parties.

Our central location is a well known local landmark and is popular amongst passing bicycle campers who are welcome, although a reservation isn't necessary, it is advised to call a week in advance to avoid disappointment...

Overnight campers enjoy volleyball on our state-of-the-art dome court...other activities that are popular include storytelling, singing, hiking and rockin' out.

It should be mentioned that un-dome-ular behavior will be frowned upon...squares watch out for Dome Dudes...

Survival technique courses available upon request...

Please feel free to join our mailing list by emailing us today! We will keep you up to date on the lastest events happening here at Dome Country...We're all Domies

And now a word form the Captain:

**Attention all Space Cadets**


Happy Sailing...
Current Dome Events...
Recently Recording Artist Sherry Gates was shooting new video on location at Dome Country...The cutting edge video was supervised by a well-known director Rob 'Tetra' Hayden... Sherry Gates used the facilities here at Dome Country because she was intrigued by the interior layout of the Main Dome Studio. It's a well-known fact that Domes provide remarkable accoustics due to their roundness...that combined with the abundant use of wood contribute to the unique quality of the sound.

The talented Sherry Gates can be reached by email at:

Just a reminder, our trout fishing contest is fast approaching...if you are interested in participating, email the Captain at Dome Country and make subject "Dome Fishing". Inquire for details...

Help you know how to sing? We need you. We will be attempting to sing 'Happy Birthday' to the Queen on May 24 Weekend. We need as many singers as we can fit. It's rumoured the famous Toronto ska band known as 'The SpineCrackers' will be entertaining. Sherry Gates will be making an appearance as well.

Kempenfest, a local arts and crafts festival, takes place on July 30, 31 and August 1. We are planning to be there in the pioneering area located near the South Shore Community Centre. Come and meet the Captain and the crew! We will be broadcasting live on location via the internet. Please come and see your support!
The very popular Dome Country T-shirts will be available.
Dome Dodads...
If you are interested in having fun and getting some good food, you might want to join the Captain and the crew on one of our expeditions. Email for information on strawberry, black raspberry, thimble berry and blueberry picking adventures.

Volleyball for fun...come and join our league. Our volleyball court is the best in the country. You don't beleive us...come and try it...see for yourself. Email for info...
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